Arms Manufacturing: Senior Strategic Advice

My strategic advice covers the following areas:

  • Firearms Manufacture: both classic manufacture and industrial manufacture
  • Workshop: infrastructure, construction and equipment
  • Work processes: preparation and planning, design and Optimization, control of the target agreements
  • Material: procurement and supply chains
  • Employee: management, recruitment, training and further education

It sounds so simple and technically it’s not that easy of a topic.


Get professional advice when it comes to repairing, manufacturing or designing weapons or firearms related projects.

From the procurement of the necessary material to the appropriate facility and its equipment. I will accompany you in your workshop step by step: with a view to economic efficiency, sustainability and profitability of your project.

A lot is necessary, not everything is practicable and abbreviations sometimes do not pay off.

The manufacture of weapons, although ancient, still ensures today’s surprises. We want to keep this as small as possible.

Important factors that should be taken into account when manufacturing firearms, are in addition to the documentation and control of the procedures.

Above all, the standardization, which I will advise you on when planning, in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

With my advice you are always two steps ahead.