A New Line

Innovation never ceases with the STT team. What needs to happen, what customer needs we can fill, and even what we can streamline in the market to make your firearms more useful. Today is no different.

There are many aftermarket solutions to the low light defense. A lot of things to hang off of your guns to make them more clumsy. What if I told you that STT was working for a solution of our own? Not a solution to bring light or a laser to your weapon…but to the clumsy apparatus, that snags on everything, hanging off of your patrol rifle. I’m talking about an AR-15 handguard with a high intensity LED light and laser built into the handguard. Not something that adds extra bulk but machined into the rails. I’ll let that sink in a moment…

The work of developing this has only begun. We have tactical AR experts, master gunsmiths, and design engineers working tirelessly on this project. None of this is for the recognition, we do it all to make dangerous situations easier to manage for our heroes in Law Enforcement and those protecting their homes and families.

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