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Imagine for a moment that you are on patrol. It’s late and you are nearing the end of your shift. You’re tired and expect nothing more than boredom. The volume of your pillow calling your name increases with every minute….then it comes…dispatch. Officer down…all units respond. You pull up in front of a vacant warehouse and realize you are the first on the scene. You flip the switch on your weapon light and the batteries are dead. You reach for your backup light…and it’s not there. What do you do?

With the LLCA Frame for your service weapon you never have to worry. The frame has your weapon a light, laser built and charging coil built right in. All you have to do is keep your weapon on the charging pad while off duty and you have a fresh charge every single day.

In dangerous situations, confidence in your equipment can make or break the day. It can literally be the difference between coming home at night or…well…not coming home. Your friends at Swiss Tactical Technologies want to make sure that you have maximum confidence when something loud goes bump in the night.

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